World of Love, Spring Blooms(7)

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   Who, in my clear eye color inside, has cast into shallow sorrow, cast into light sorrow, and become a continuous depth of Looking forward to; Who is it, in my pure white carefree heart, falling on the wobbly pain, falling on the heavy hope, into a cavity ling messy disorderly soft expectations of the mood?

   One year passed quickly.. He was successfully accepted by this company in Shanghai and made his mark in the department.. She, also with her own professional knowledge, was admitted to the company, also became the company's Baigujing. A bright future awaits them..

   Memory, a rose without flowers, will never fade away..

   Flowers bloom and fall. Her father's company was destroyed and torched in an accident, and her mother was in a sad transition and was admitted to the hospital.. He and she hurried back to her city and looked at the old father and the mother in the hospital bed. She couldn't restrain her emotions and burst into tears: I'm sorry, it's all because my daughter is useless and can't share it for my parents.! For an instant, she actually wanted to give up her love and her parents Get Over It..

   Children, parents are old, can't accompany you for a lifetime, if you really love him, you have to leave. Last time, mom really didn't want you to drift away from home. that's what she said. don't blame mom, ok? Motherese held her hand longingly: Although Mom selfishly wants to keep you around, you have your choice, and your father and I will respect your choice.. I believe you have your vision, don't worry about us, everything will be fine.!

   She took father's hand in one hand and mother's hand in the other: father and mother, we will honor you well.!Turn your head and look at him: ok?

   He, facing her eyes, his bright star eyes were unusually firm: Yes, your parents are my parents!

   She smiled, her parents also smiled, ward inside is full of Wie Licht Schmeckt.

   There is a kind of thought, a kind of thought, there is a human world, because of this, the human world is so beautiful, so let a person feel warm, let a person sentimentally attached. (责任编辑:admin)




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