World of Love, Spring Blooms(6)

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   Xi Murong said that not all people can know the meaning of time and not all people know how to cherish it.. There is no fate of separation and aging in this world, only a heart willing to love and unwilling to love..

   Wandering, entangling, wandering in Love Trip. Four years passed quickly.. It's not easy to love, miss so hard. Near at hand, is also the end of the world. He, only a few times, held hands with her.. She, how many times affectionately amorous, but never kissed his lips. Love, is it really sweet? Love is a picture that needs both sides of love to describe it attentively..

   On the eve of graduation, he walked side by side with her on the streets of this city in the south, speechless.. Her parents have found her a suitable unit and can go to work at any time.. Can he rely on his parents? School has already spent all the savings in the family. For example, over half a hundred parents this year are still struggling to earn money.. He, on his own, will hold up a sky for himself and a clear sky for their love.!

   Yesterday, I received an interview notice from a company in Shanghai. I plan to have a fight.. If the interview is successful and the salary is good, would you like to come over?? He looked at her firmly: I love you forever!

   She looked at him pleasantly surprised: really, why didn't you say so? She took his hand and said, "Fool, you finally said it. I waited for a long time."! Even if you don't have admission, then what? Believe in yourself, with our hands, we can definitely create Future My Love.

   At this time, the sun is shining and spring is blooming. At the moment, the birds are gentle and sunny.. He and she, running, walked forward for the dream.!

   She explained everything to her parents.. Love needs no reason.. Love means Jack goes boating, but it is not madness without purpose.. He hung up the phone with his parents and did not go back to his hometown for development. He wanted to go to a foreign land with his loved ones and break into a world that belonged to them.. Her parents, heartache; His parents are worried. (责任编辑:admin)




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