World of Love, Spring Blooms(4)

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   Then, then, let me carry you to the school clinic and see if there are any doctors on duty, okay? Not bad, her heart exulting.

   So, he took her back, she held up an umbrella, along the campus boulevard, rainy night inside, walking briskly. She looked at his not wide back, at this time unexpectedly so steadfast, reliable. If he can, will he like this all his life??

   Fortunately, the doctor on duty examined her feet carefully. There was no serious problem, but she was sprained.. The doctor helped her to correct the position, rubbed some anti-inflammatory liquid medicine, and told her to take a rest and go back..

   He and she stayed in the lounge, inside. The air seems to have choked and stopped flowing.. He stared at her feet: Does it still hurt?

   Her face was redder under the light: much better, thank you. But for a while, how to go back.

   Otherwise, stay in the girls' dormitory for one night, okay? Then, give your family a call to report peace and it will be ready tomorrow.. He said in a tone of discussion.

   Maybe there aren't so many hits and starts in the world, but it's really a waste of time to have to go over and over again to ascertain whether the other person likes himself or not.. Because, like is hidden.

   She really liked him. Although, know little about him. In the days to come, inside, he and she greeted each other lightly and smiled lightly as usual.. He seems to be cheerful. Occasionally, she is invited to have tea.. She always paid for him secretly and quietly.. Because, that night, he told her about his family and his busy parents.. She, distressed him, also distressed his parents, without any pity.. (责任编辑:admin)




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