World of Love, Spring Blooms(3)

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   In fact, her home is only 1,000 meters away from the school where she studies. If she walks faster, she will arrive in 10 minutes.. And he, because he is a foreign student, chose to live in the school.. Life at 3: 1 seems to be very enjoyable for him.. Only occasionally, I think of my parents, who are busy all day with his tuition and living expenses. He would choose to walk slowly along the pond on campus on a moonlit night, staring at the moon in the water and unwilling to leave for a long time..

   Thank you. I'll pay you back tomorrow.. She said politely.

  Are you afraid? Otherwise, send you. He said shyly.

   No, it's only ten minutes. It'll be here in a minute.. She repressed her excitement and wanted him to send her.. It's been a semester. He and she seldom talk alone. When he saw flour at ordinary times, he just said hello lightly.. The girl is so reserved, clearly like in my heart, still want to pretend don't care. She also guessed some of his thoughts.

   Well, then be careful. See you tomorrow. He, face a little bit of loss.

   OK, see you tomorrow. She turned to leave, her face a little hot, but it was night, otherwise he must have found her blushing red, like a ripe apple..

   Plump, alas! He had hardly stepped out when he heard her screaming.. Looking back, I saw her fall to the ground and moan there. So, he ran quickly and asked, what's the matter? Why did you fall down? Gently lifted her up and saw if she could walk.?

   Her tears came out unwillingly.. All blame myself just now, the in the mind is like a fawn disorderly bump, did not pay attention to the ground in front of, high heels heel stepped into the floor tile gap inside, accidentally to mix, the foot also sprained, terrible pain, and clothes covered with mud, how no face ah. Especially in front of the person you like, ashamed to death.

   My feet can't walk, what should I do?? She said quietly, as if she also wanted to test him and see how he did it.. Ah, the girl's mind's eye. (责任编辑:admin)




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