World of Love, Spring Blooms(2)

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   He did not disappoint his parents. Although the score of the college entrance examination was not very ideal, he got into this university in the south as he wished and met her.. I fell in love with her at a glance..

   In fact, we are all a tiny speck of dust in the vast world. We will go back where we came from.. Just wait until that day, whether the mistakes made can be made up for? Can the fate once missed be resumed?? Do you still have a chance to fulfill the promise you made??

   She is a pampered princess, her father runs a small company, and her mother is a university teacher. In the eyes of her relatives, Daddy's Girl has a bright future waiting for her.. It happened that when I met him in college, I annoyed my father and 金洋平台 hurt Mama's Heart.. Yes, which parents do not want their children to be happy?? When he passed by, she just looked at it casually, because when he was in high school, many boys were deliberately dangling in front of her, hoping to get her attention.. Perhaps, the eye is too high, perhaps family reasons, always few people attracted her favor. However, when his back was left in her eyes, her heart suddenly moved: Prince Charming, will it be him?

   He is really not a handsome boy, with a slight figure, slightly white cheeks, a pair of heavy eyebrows, eyes as bright as a long moon, thin lips, what he seems to be talking about, and a wardrobe exceeding 500 yuan.. Is such a boy, how can attract her?

   It was a self-study class in winter, and the sky was drizzling, feeling like chilling.. It happened that she didn't bring rain gear today. Looking at the dark night, she lingered in the corridor of the classroom and wanted her family to pick her up.. At this moment, he came up: why not go back? It's raining, pay attention to safety. She gave him a look: no umbrella. He paused: wait a minute, I'll go to the dormitory to find one for you.. With that, he put the book on his head and ran to the dormitory..

   Before long, he came back with an umbrella: here you are, hurry back. Otherwise, your family should be worried. (责任编辑:admin)




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