World of Love, Spring Blooms

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   Some people say that when people who love each other stay together, even time is beautiful..


   Snow drifts in winter nights..

   He and her side by side, did not hold hands, just silently, walking on the streets of a foreign land, snowflakes scattered, in the brow, in the cheek, in the collar, and in the heart.

   Tomorrow, I will go home. She said softly.

   Don't you wait for me anymore?? He, it seems, does not give up. So, stopped and looked at her..

   My parents are pressing me very hard. I can't wait, otherwise they will be here again.. She held out her hand and took his: rest assured, I will stick to it, no matter what my parents do, I will be with you..

   However, when the Spring Festival last year, my aunt had already expressed her attitude and would not promise us to be together? Obviously, he is a little weak, eyes a little wet.

   Look, that's how you are. No wonder mom said you didn't look like a man.. Even if mother said so, this year, I am not with you? Have some confidence in yourself, okay? She pulled her hand out of his and said, "What are you afraid of? Our classmates have worked together for another year after graduation for four years. Don't you know what I think?"? Yes, we have no room, no car, we can only rent in other people's cities, but we are young, besides, the company also believes in our ability, why not be more confident??

   He comes from a small border town in the north. His parents are honest farmers. He has lived in the countryside all his life and lived frugally. He has been providing his son with schooling. Those who have not read the book know that only going out can they achieve success. They are not facing the loess and facing away from the sky like their parents did. They have to dig money from the land of inside one by one. Such a life is not easy.. Therefore, even if you eat pickles, you still want your son to go to college and get a good job in the future.. (责任编辑:admin)




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