After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(9)

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   Learning to be like a wolf, strong and intelligent, and brave in making progress, I think this is my greatest feeling after reading this book..

   In the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, the idea of being gentle and honest has been deeply rooted in our hearts, and tolerance and modesty have become the mainstream of the Chinese nation.. After thousands of years of edification of this culture, our nation was once plunged into decadence. Ignorance and ignorance have filled our hearts in the past. As a result, the dragon of the Chinese nation has been sleeping for thousands of years without any progress.. Although the Chinese culture that we advocate has been extended to this day, it has been attacked and even invaded by grassland people many times.. And it is in their struggle with wolves that they are getting stronger and stronger.. The wisdom and spirit of the wolf and the cowardice and backwardness of the Chinese nation constitute a sharp contrast. China was backward in the past, which was prompted by the sheep-like farming spirit. This is precisely the defect and weakness of the Chinese nation's character.. Perhaps we should find some bright spots in the wolf, such as the courage to forge ahead, persevere and make progress.. Wolves have inherent weaknesses, but we should see the essence of wolf nature.. (责任编辑:admin)




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