After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(8)

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   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   Since ancient times, wolves have not occupied a high position in people's minds. From idioms and poems describing wolves, we can see, for example, "Be a wolf with a savage heart and Wolf Heart have dogs' lungs, they are in a mess for Sodomy, they devour wolves, and they howl like wolves.". It can be said that many idioms criticizing wolves are recorded in the Chinese Idiom Dictionary, but few are praised.. In the fairy tale inside, the image of the wolf was once again belittled. The wolf became a symbol of evil and tried to eat "Little Red Riding Hood". Even if you have never seen it before, these alone make us shudder.

  However, when I recently read a book called Wolf Totem, I gave a new understanding of the image of wolves.. At least in this book, inside, wolves are no longer cruel and brutal . while humans play the role of wolves.. In the bright moonlight, on the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia, wolves once lived. They galloped freely here and fought bravely with human beings.. However, a group of short-sighted people unexpectedly broke into this world belonging to wolves and carried out a cruel killing, which was inhuman.! How incisive!

   This is the story told in Wolf Totem.. In this book, the hero Stark Chan and several educated youth went to hulun buir grassland, saw the grassland people fighting with wolves, saw the ups and downs of wolves, from fear of wolves at the beginning to assimilation with nomads at the end, almost to the point of worshipping wolves.. These dozens of tense and bizarre stories related to wolves have attracted me to a world of wolves, and it seems that I really live together with these wolves..

   In this book, inside, the wolf I see is intelligent and tenacious.. They, Life After Life, fought more than ever and fought against mankind in the name of a team.. The wolf's face death unflinchingly and indomitable spirit, the friendship and kindness among the wolves all shook my heart.. It is true that wolves are extremely cruel when they hunt, but wolves only hunt when they are hungry and only attack animals and people when they are helpless. This is many times more noble than people who are full of warmth and desire, materialistic and insatiable.. Wolves are naturally keep in dark place, afraid of fire and people, but they are not afraid of hardship, fatigue or death.. This kind of spirit is not strong enterprising spirit? I am also deeply impressed by this "spiritual conquering power that one has to worship, irresistible charm and strong wisdom.". (责任编辑:admin)




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