After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(7)

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   Stark Chan vaguely saw and realized that the wolf totem is a powerful, mysterious, extremely attractive and attractive totem, which can affect a person's belief in the shadow of a fan, making the wolf-this is not evil but can make people obsessed with the soul cast into the heart.

   There was once an unsolved mystery in the world: why Genghis Khan, with only a few tens of thousands of troops, was able to sweep across East Asia and establish a powerful and mysterious kingdom? Many Mongolians undoubtedly believe that this is because Genghis Khan is a prairie man.. A prairie person must deal with wolves, but when dealing with wolves, unconsciously, the wisdom of wolves is slowly integrated into Genghis Khan's thinking. Whether it is the wolf's training method, the wolf's strategy of fighting, or the wolf's willpower, courage and thinking mode, it will bring Genghis Khan enormous power..

   This is the wolf! Although wolves steal human livestock, it can't hide the extraordinary power of wolves. They catch rats and mice on the grassland and greatly relieve the Mice Disaster of the grassland. It strategized and made anthropology have a lot of stratagems. It is strong and realistic, does not daydream, only strives for the goal, compared with this, we human beings are much inferior.. However, many human beings are not willing to correctly face the advantages and disadvantages of wolves. Everything has two sides. It can never be absolute. If we only drag on the disadvantages of wolves and destroy wolves crazily, I'm afraid it will be the end of our human race soon..

   Wolves are also for survival. Not only human beings depend on food for their livelihood. The world's ten million creatures in Qian Qian depend on food for their livelihood. It is absolutely impossible for the world to allow one creature to live and another creature to lose its right to live, including human beings.. Nature is made up of every kind of creatures. If you deprive one of them of their right to exist, you will be destroyed.. When pieces of woods fell down, the ensuing mudslides destroyed human houses and took human lives. When human beings release sewage and destroy the living environment of marine organisms, their quality of life cannot be guaranteed due to the deterioration of water quality . Human beings are selfish. He cannot tolerate any kind of creatures to plunder his property. However, short-sighted he does not know that when he cruelly injures a living creature, nature will write him an account that will never be erased. In the future, this account will magnify countless powers and repay him slowly.. Stark Chan's muddled understanding. (责任编辑:admin)




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