After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(6)

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   Just got the book, I have been deeply shocked by those faint eyes on the cover of the book: how cold those eyes are, green and shining, and the eyes shot out are like awls, making you shiver.. You seem to see from it the secrets deep in the grassland, and its natural unfathomability and the power of the strong.. The black of the cover seems to cover it with a layer of fog, but those eyes are so clear, so bright, so let a person feel a kind of oppressive feeling .

   This book tells a story like this: a young educated youth of Han nationality, Stark Chan, followed the wise old Bilig and some well-informed Mongolians who adored Tengger and wolf totem in the Erlun grassland of Mongolia, and gradually worshipped wolf totem in this beautiful place with beautiful mountains and water.. Watching wolves hunt, seeing wolves sneak attack sheep, digging wolf holes, raising wolf pups, and facing wolf disasters . These fresh memories of Stark Chan slowly turned the long-term negative impression on wolves. He seemed to see a soul that seemed tangible but invisible, brave, intelligent, tenacious, patient, cautious, and adventurous.. This soul fascinates him and keeps him exploring the secrets of wolves..

   When he saw the experienced wolf king leading the battle-hardened wolves and Misfire's hunting for a large number of prey, he was attracted by the superior wisdom of the wolves and puzzled by all sorts of strange behaviors of the wolves. When he saw that the wolves were in difficult situations one by one, he did not flinch or shrink back at all. Instead, he made concerted efforts to solve the difficulties. He was amazed by the extraordinary organizational ability and wisdom of the wolves.. What a mysterious animal is a wolf! No one can match its wisdom, its organizational ability is beyond the ordinary, and its incomparable military talent seems to come with it.! It is not as bad as people think, in fact, in the eyes of Mongolians, it is the embodiment of many virtues such as perseverance, courage, wisdom and unity.. (责任编辑:admin)




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