After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(4)

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   32 years of waiting, value! The draft, the first draft, the second draft, the third draft, the final draft, Mr. Jiang exchanged his sweat for our views on wolves, and he would never be self-sufficient.!

   Jiang Rong, Master in My Heart!

   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   Yes. The wolf may only have taken a sheep, but if we kill Hitori okami, we will have taken away a small part of the future living space of human beings.. Every creature should be protected. They are indispensable to maintain the ecological balance.. Like sabre toothed tiger and the dodo, these animals that we have driven to extinction are no longer able to make brilliant flower of life.. Don't these death alarms still wake up human beings?? It's time we lost the axe that destroyed the lives..

   However, it seems that human beings have not yet woken up and have raised their butcher knives again and again to the creatures who are deeply guilty in their hearts . At the end of this book, a nightmare-like tragic ending is told: due to the massive killing of wolves, the once beautiful Erlun grassland has become a place where mountains are no longer green, water is no longer clear, grass is no longer fat, creatures are no longer abundant, and Mice Disaster is a serious place.. Stark Chan, who came here again, was filled with grief and disappointment that could not be expressed..

   While I am reading with books, my heart is very heavy, very heavy . In front of nature, every living thing is equal, while human beings foolishly think that they are the masters of this planet, even if they are masters, they cannot deprive others of their lives at will.. Even if deprived, it will still be returned one day.. Human beings, wake up! (责任编辑:admin)




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