After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(3)

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   I still like the fighting between wolves and people inside, feeling bloody and uncompromising spirit and inspiring from reading it.. This is a positive spirit, an interpretation of the law of survival of the fittest, and another interpretation of cruel elimination to maintain a relative balance and fashionable harmony.!

   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   Jiang Rong, the Wolf in My Heart!


   I don't know when, many students have a "Wolf Totem" under their armpits. I am surprised and excited..

   As far as I can remember, there seems to be no book that has had such a great influence on my ideas. It has almost carried out a "subversive" purge of China's "national" thoughts such as why the big powers of Chinese Confucianism invaded China.!

   "This is, of course, a wonderful book, a big book about a new understanding of nomadic people's survival philosophy due to wolves.. It is as weak as the deep national character of Confucian culture . "

   As a reader of Wolf Totem, I'm afraid critic Zhou Tao's words are worthy of the name.! Indeed, thousands of years of profound and profound culture have made us, who are deeply benefited and deeply loved by Confucianism-the authentic and domestically produced ideology that only works for the pedantic Confucian scholars in top sleeve, too numb, too humble and too pedantic.. As a result, Mr. Lu's Farce appeared: "When a group of scholars saw an empty seat in the car, they humbly" please "and" please ".As soon as the car started, everyone fell.".

   "Day line its health, the gentleman to self-improvement. ""Neither riches nor honours can lead one astray., the poor cannot move, Wills will not yield to his will!"Confucian nature will not be all dross, early Confucian also have words to encourage upward, then the Confucian thought gradually became a tool for rulers to control people's thoughts.

   Jiang Rong, a master of controlling wolves flying over inside in Wolf Totem, has undoubtedly earned the hearts of readers.. I was completely fascinated by them, lamprophyre five hundred thousand words, is purely a spiritual meeting of five hundred thousand wolves! The reason why I am happy is that I finally have a partner to discuss "wolf". (责任编辑:admin)




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