After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(2)

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   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   For many days, I didn't want to write. I always thought what I wrote was like moaning without illness, lying on the ground and waiting for others to coax me.. After reading some books, it may be a period of transformation. What has changed is my own experience and calm thinking. It seems that my sky brightens up and I know what I need to do.. I think, this is also my performance not to waste!

   As for the world, people are impetuous. They don't know where they will go next. They squander their life with wine, let boring games pass and indulge in destruction.. Yes, people's spiritual world now. It is really necessary to wake up, otherwise, the yearning for the future life will only become profit-oriented and will eventually suffer from shallowness..

   A few days ago, I saw the city's live public trial conference. When I read the sentences of a group of prisoners, many of them had the experience of reeducation through labor. I couldn't help thinking about it. Can't reeducation through labor reform 金洋平台 institutions reform prisoners well? They often repeat the same mistakes within a short time after they get out of prison. Is it the progress of the prison system or the necessity of the times?.

   After reading Wolf Totem and listening to friends say it is traceable literature, I may not be able to classify the novel, because I only like the plot inside and can get the feeling from it.. Totem, know the meaning but not clear, checked the next Han code, the source of Indian language, meaning "his family". People use certain animals, plants or other objects as family or tribal symbols.. The book concludes that the dragon totem of Han nationality originates from wolf totem, its profound significance and its influence on Chinese civilization.. I am not interested in the voluminous exposition.. I only hope that the present people can have a specific belief and a totem, which can become the positive motive force of their spirit. The reason why the present people are confused is that there is no specific direction. Just like the beautiful fog praised by many people, it is actually the coat of dust stained with water vapor.. Is a kind of shady mood. (责任编辑:admin)




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