After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(17)

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   The wolf's wisdom is also very amazing, almost comparable to human beings.. The skills and wisdom of wolves are not always available. They have also been honed through thousands of years of hard grassland life.. The unpredictable grassland climate, the harsh grassland environment, the escape instinct of all kinds of animals and the great threat from human beings make wolves live in danger all the time. They are starved to death, frozen to death and killed at any time. All kinds of strategies of wolves are honed in this hard struggle.. People are not wolves, but we can learn a lot from wolves.. Learning from Steppe wolf should not be confined to specific tactics, but should train one's ability to think hard and apply tactics well.. Take the initiative to observe and learn, think positively, adopt different ways when facing different situations, and hone yourself in actual combat. This is the source of wolf's wisdom..

   Modern society is a competitive society. As long as you relax a bit, you may be eliminated from society. It is very much like the prairie where wolves live. It is fair and cruel.. Therefore, we must also have a wolf's sense of crisis, and strictly require ourselves to constantly put pressure on ourselves. As Zhang Ruimin said, "We are trembling and treading on thin ice.". The so-called The Death and Life of Bobby Z, often adverse situation can stimulate a person's potential. "Fight to win or die" and "cross the rubicon" are exactly the reasons..

   The world has always been a world of the law of the jungle. Even if the tools for killing are no longer sharp teeth or swords, spears and halberds, the essence will not change.. A man of ability can use his ability and his new weapon to win the greatest benefits.. Isn't it true that exams are promoted like this, shopping malls are fought like this, and officialdom Subsurface surge is also killed like this. People who yearn for a humanitarian paradise may as well ask themselves if they are the victors after this kind of fighting.? Can we really show pity and compassion to the losers?. Since ancient times, there has been a natural rule of success or failure. Wolves have persistently implemented this rule. We should admire and even take wolves as teachers to truly master their own destiny and interpret the natural rule of "survival of the fittest, elimination of the weak.". (责任编辑:admin)




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