After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(16)

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   Look, tomorrow's sun must be bright! Because I believe.!

   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   Modern society is a competitive society. As long as you relax a bit, you may be eliminated from society. It is very much like the prairie where wolves live. It is fair and cruel.. Therefore, we must also have a wolf's sense of crisis, and strictly require ourselves to constantly put pressure on ourselves. As Zhang Ruimin said, "We are trembling and treading on thin ice.". The so-called The Death and Life of Bobby Z, often adverse situation can stimulate a person's potential. "Fight to win or die" and "cross the rubicon" are exactly the reasons..


   I read this book because of my good friend's constant recommendation. She said it was a good book and worth reading. So I borrowed one and spent three months reading it finally.. Although I didn't read it very carefully, I still have some wonderful links in my mind, which also caused me to think a little bit about my life..

   Wolf Totem shows us Steppe wolf's colorful methods of killing enemies.. The beginning is a big battle of Steppe wolf rounding up antelope. It is magnificent and full of twists and turns. It is a combination of movement and movement. It is completed in one go.. The real fighting time was only over ten minutes, but the wolves' patient ambush, subtle enclosure and careful observation before the battle created a depressing, tense and excited atmosphere of "Vent Mauvais is full of wind and buildings". While fighting, as sudden as lightning, the wisdom of letting go of the antelope that is still fighting and attacking the rest, and some despicable but extremely practical wolf's unique skill of catching antelope, let us amaze and marvel.. This movement, however, shows Steppe wolf's outstanding wisdom, patience, organization and discipline incisively and vividly.. The reason why wolves can be sure of everything they do is that they think of a good strategy before doing everything.. This is worthy of our human study.. (责任编辑:admin)




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