After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(15)

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   In order to save their lives in troubled times, they often lurk for a long time. How patient does this require?! It's worth learning! Born of hardship, Euthanizer! It is really because they are the Mongolians who also have a spirit. Mongolians love wolves, respect wolves and kill wolves, but they seem to be friends and live with each other.. Look again when the ecological balance is destroyed, hamsters increase in large numbers, wanting to stay in the house and deluding themselves.! Hamsters are not allowed, and in a few days they will be in ruins..

   I often think when I can also go to Mongolia grassland, gallop on the feeling of green and sky, embrace nature there, and appreciate the feeling of steed galloping between heaven and earth.. But now, although it can be realized, there seems to be something missing. Yes, it is the spirit.!The original spirit of this grassland may be very few now, sad ah!

   Let's learn from the past, Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.. Learning from Steppe wolf has principles, wisdom, endurance and no complaints.. Learn from grassland people, love the enemy, respect the enemy, kill the enemy. Look at nature again, how tolerant, although human beings do not cherish it so much, he still gives us opportunities again and again.. From today on, I will cherish my life, complain as little as possible, and smile at myself often. Although it seems boring, this phenomenon needs to be changed by myself.. (责任编辑:admin)




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