After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(13)

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   Humans killed a large number of wolves. They raced with wolves in their cars, killing one wolf after another under qiāng bombs.. They put wolf clips beside the food to make the wolf struggle painfully.. Is nothing more than for their own self-interest. However, people did not think that the wolf was gone, the sheep and cattle began to multiply in large numbers, the grassland was damaged with holes, rats made holes in the grassland in large numbers, horse legs were often broken, and mosquitoes also increased day by day.. Grass is the only thing on the grassland that is most precious, but grass is also the most vulnerable. tengger sent the wolf down to protect the grassland, but people killed them arrogantly..

   Sand is blowing, it's so big.. Large tracts of grassland disappeared in the vast expanse of water, along with those elves on the grassland. I imagine that people have no selfishness, but people cannot have no selfishness. I want to think that there is no sandstorm, but there can be no sandstorm. I imagined "As wind lowers grass livestock cannot hide.", but the grass was clearly yellow..

   The silence of the night is terrible. When can we hear the singing of the elves on the grassland again?

   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   Recently, I was reading a book called Wolf Totem. After that, I realized that the original beauty was not made by words, but by deeds.. Steppe wolf fought with the Mongols for survival and avenged his children. He did not hesitate to end up with the galloping steed. The sight of the tragedy was too horrible to look at.. Let's see the hardships of life, life is not easy to come by..

   The Mongols believed in the grassland god Tengri, who brought vitality and hope to the grassland people.. Think of Genghis Khan's hundreds of thousands of cavalry galloping around the world, but they don't have their own words!? This is the mystery of the world

   Now I have changed my opinion of wolves. They have exhausted their wisdom in order to survive. They are the real wise men.! One after another, I caught the herdsmen's horses by surprise, which made me pay more respect.. All say wolf poison, and wolves do raise people, while other animals, I'm afraid not. It seems that wolves are still very enthusiastic. We should respect wolves and abandon such words as "Wolf Heart dog lung". (责任编辑:admin)




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