After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(12)

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  From this point of view, the "looking up" civilization of nomads is the real civilization and the great civilization.!

   Where people place nature determines whether people can often exist in nature..

   For the sake of human survival, let's learn to look up to Tengri!

   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   The dim moonlight sprinkled on the vast grassland, and a long distant roar cut through the deep night sky.. Do you know that this is the grassland elves praying to the moon with their songs? Running, jumping, speed, strength, I feel the words in the book stirring in my mind all the time.. A wonderful book about wolves has made me know the essence of this grassland again. These elves have patience and can wait for several or even more than ten hours for their prey without moving. They are united, never leaving behind the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled, but distributing food equally. They never act alone, but obey the command in a unified way.. They are the founders of the Art of War. They can advance and retreat freely and move quickly. It can be said that Sun Tzu's Art of War comes from the wisdom of wolves. And when we appreciate Mongolian songs with long and tortuous rhythms, I'm sure it is also originated from that talented singer, wolf..

   The wolf has enough wisdom to fight with human beings for thousands of years. I admire its perseverance and perseverance, but what touches me most is its unshakable dignity.. The wolf's ears will always stand upright, not drooping like dogs. the wolf's tail will never rise and swing like dogs. dogs can lead, but wolves cannot lead.. Me at the Zoo inside has seen all kinds of animals, but he has never seen wolves. They have kept their pride and dignity, Never Bend.

   Human beings are the intelligent part of the universe, but how much better than wolves in these respects?. How many people give up halfway, always bow to setbacks, how many people for fame and fortune, regardless of dignity, grovel; How many people disregard their friends and family because of selfishness?. What is even more ridiculous is that people have incorporated wolves into their stories because they have harmed their own interests. Stories like "The Wolf and The Lamb" and "Little Red Riding Hood" have become what we have to learn. This has made many people deeply believe in wolves.. Sometimes, a group of wolves catch a lot of antelope. People should have left some for them, but they carry away all the wolf's fruits greedily. In turn, they blame the wolves for stealing their sheep, but they don't want to think about what they did to the wolves.? (责任编辑:admin)




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