After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words(11)

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   In my opinion, the key lies in how the two view the relationship between man and nature..

   Nomads worship heaven.. They regard heaven as the embodiment of nature.. When they propose a toast, they should first sprinkle a few drops of wine with their fingers to show their respect for the sky.. Even after their death, they should adopt the method of celestial burial to reach the highest state of "soul returning to tengger (Mongolian: heaven)". When they encounter difficulties, they always lift their heads high in order to achieve immortality and strength..

   The nomadic people's deep understanding of respecting heaven is that they put the position of nature above people and face nature with a look-up posture.. If people look up at nature, they will feel that they are under nature.. This is the reason why nomads conform to nature and act according to its laws.. It is because of this that nomads have spared no expense to protect grasslands with foreign blood.. From a short-sighted point of view, this is killing each other and is inhuman. In the long run, this has saved the living environment of human beings and prevented all mankind from going extinct. This is the right move to conform to the laws of nature..

   In the words of the farming peoples themselves, they are "facing the loess and facing the sky". They only stared at a few inches of land under their feet. They looked down on nature.. When they look down at nature, they will feel that they are on top of nature, and they will have the delusion that "man will conquer nature.". They are proud of their ability to "transform nature" and despise "backward" nomads.. I think my civilization is really called civilization.. But nature has been destroyed again and again, and mankind's increasingly serious environmental crisis has proved them wrong..

   The real civilization is not that you have produced many famous works and built many "wonders of the world". But a kind of tolerance, a kind of respect for nature tolerance. (责任编辑:admin)




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