After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

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   After Reading Wolf Totem, 800 Words

   Grow up with your opponent, thank your opponent, thank you for the competition in the fierce environment.. Even if the body is torn to pieces, it is willing to do so.. Live a calm, also known as the "Drawing Sword" spirit. Even in the face of falling down, they still have an unyielding will and will always defeat themselves and dominate themselves..

   Think of the Party School, where Party Members Study. In the process of pursuing, people need continuous improvement and enrichment in order to have an inspiration. What is my learning place?? In the book, in Ordinary World and inside, in his accumulated thinking. You don't need a mirror to know what you look like and what you need most right now.? Those lofty ideals can only be imagined when educating children or when drinking too much wine.. Do what you do, be practical and store your mind. I think, as I am now, it is wise and unique to do so..

   Now the worship of young people has stirred up a market economy. It is not only their own temperature that confuses them, but also their own mood. As a result, they become slaves of money, captives of the net and victims of games.. Of course, there are many outstanding young people except. When youth is no longer, wake up again. It is normal to be confused in a confused season, but a good life will go astray.. I don't object to experiencing lessons in life, but I don't want to give all the precious things in life every time I gain experience..

   Looking at those words that move my heart, let my mind go through time and space, and my horizon suddenly becomes clear. It is also a change for me to stand up.. Let my faith be perfected day by day and my mind become strong. Sweep through the length and breadth of the territory is in his heart..

   After watching Wolf Totem, there was no teacher like wolf. He watched and studied it closely. Even the "wolf" in the society put on a kind coat and presented all the bright flour. However, the operation procedure of "wolf" is still unknown.. However, the vivid description in the book tells not only the rules, but also a strategic way and method. The evolution in the new environment, stripping off the gorgeous appearance and stripping out the most essential thing, is the deepening of the author's meaning of life, which is a sublimation of myth.. (责任编辑:admin)




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