Wind chimes, pleasant summer night style(3)

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   Wind, bell singing. The bell sings all the deep thoughts in his heart according to the wind, and the wind lets the world know the figure of his arrival by virtue of the light and graceful posture of the bell.. They are complementary and need each other to realize the meaning of their existence. They cannot form a perfection by themselves.. If only the wind can make people feel cool, of course, if only the bell can make people see the transparent beauty, but there is no one between the two, the elegant charm of the wind bell will not be so implicated in people's impression.! This is very similar to real life. We can appreciate family affection, friendship and love in detail. The emotional world of a person cannot be separated from relatives, friends and lovers.. Without mutual help between people, it will be difficult to do a thing perfectly. I believe everyone will feel this point.. This is also my reading of a beautiful wind chime swaying in the twilight..

   Wind chimes, of primitive simplicity and elegance, have a long history.. Today, Vertical Grinder's elegant singing in summer comes from the great Tang style of Yan Huang, the former imperial court, the eaves of the common people's houses and the round temples, and the jade-like figure of wind chimes everywhere in China, with clear and round ring tones in every corner..

   Now the sound of a clear voice from a foreign country, inside is still dimly discernible in 金洋娱乐注册 the prosperous times of the Yan and Huang Dynasties. China's rise still looms large.. In the heart of a wanderer like myself, the wind chime is still a wisp of nostalgia and an indelible missing.. This simple and unadorned crooning of Fermentation starter led to the homesickness of Vertical Grinder's hanako, moistened the haste of many people, and quieted the sounds of nature in Fermentation starter and the restless and restless hearts of real inside.. I would like to say that the crisp sound of this beautiful bell swaying in the wind in the summer evening brings to the world the flexibility of a line of poems, the elegance of a quiet tang style poem, the thoughts of a wisp of overseas tourists, and the cool and elegant mood.. The sound of the wind chimes is clear and crisp. inside, have you read the coolness of July, which is a raging fire in this simple and ethereal inside?? Or, this fleeting time inside a quiet good . (责任编辑:admin)




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