Wind chimes, pleasant summer night style(2)

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   Wind chimes, an ancient song and ballad of nature in summer, have brought cool and refreshing air to the world every summer since ancient times until now.. Wind chime is also a wordless song. In Vertical Grinder, in the northern part of the old country, in the southern part of the dream inside, in the busy city, in the quiet mountain village … it is a simple and elegant song, singing the romantic style of summer night that the world knows all about..

   The wind chimes, the sound of which is thin and crisp, are inside's poems on the earth, level and oblique tones's poems on the roads, and the Qing Dynasty poem poem on the Red Dust Ferry. The wind and the bell depend on each other, the bell dances with the wind, the wind sings with the bell, in the lintel, in the window lattice, in the morning light, in the twilight of inside, every time the bell sings, the plumes of coolness and coolness drifting with the wind are all the notes of releasing one's mood, which makes one forget temporarily the depression and irritability brought by the modern city of The fast pace of life, and follow the whisper of the wind bell to feel the rare moment of coolness in inside in the hot summer, adding a pleasant mood..

   Wind chimes are graceful and lithe when there is wind. They can dance the amorous feelings of the buildings. When there is no wind, they are still in a corner. Freehand brushwork gives a sense of peace, waiting and missing.. It is cool in the evening in Xia Feng. The scene of swaying wind chimes is unique in the scenery. There are footprints of wind and joy of bells.. In the summer of July, the breeze in inside had no image, no color and no rhyme, but the vivid scene of inside with wind blowing and bell dancing had image, color and rhythm. The bell is light, graceful and vivid, and when it is lively, it is a quiet and refreshing summer style..

   Although, the quiet room inside air conditioner can also bring cool and reduce summer heat.. However, it is comparable to a leisurely singing night without any modification, but it lacks a relaxed and elegant style, and there is nowhere to find a carefree new and graceful like a fishing boat singing late.. (责任编辑:admin)




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