Wind chimes, pleasant summer night style

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   The wind chimes, a line of poems in the setting sun in summer, are vivid. On the evening of July and summer, the charm of a Fermentation starter. The bell dance in inside in the dusk setting sun is very beautiful, and the ring tone in the cool night wind is also very beautiful .

   One by one inscriptions

   The wind chime, the bell and the wind depend on each other, and the wind and the bell follow each other.. The wind dances the beauty of the bell, and the bell sings the amorous feelings of the wind.. Kazamoto is invisible. It is the ringing of the bell that sings the softness of the late summer wind. The wind also has no law, it is the ethereal string of ringtones that cool and refreshing, softly singing a pleasant serenade. Kazamoto has no rhyme. It is the simple rhyme sung by the bell and the clear rhythm. It is only on the window lattice in July that a poetic style of summer evening is swaying..

   In midsummer, the scorching sun blazed up the sky in July. People began to lament the tyranny of summer sunshine. In the hot summer, when the sun was setting, a string of wind chimes danced lightly and a flowing ring tone gently moved the cool charm of the summer evening breeze.. This simple and clear wind chime from Fermentation starter sings late, just like a flowing brook in the green fields of Bishan, Singapore. When the cool wind is blowing slowly, the strings are crisp and sweet, and the waves are ethereal and full of carefree poetry..

   Look! A tough silk leads the cool night wind, while the other end is tied with a bell of Crystal Cup-like beauty. The wind comes and dances with the bell, which is light and elegant. Entering the eyes is a vivid picture..

   Listen! The ringing ring tone is like a slim and slow-singing ballad, ding ding dong and shallow crooning the charming rhyme and serenity of summer night.. In-ear is a sentimental song by Fermentation starter!

   Wind chimes, swaying the romance of summer in the sunset, and the amorous feelings of summer in the night wind.. When it is clear and shallow, this melodious and elegant ring tone brings a pleasant cool and relaxing feeling, just like the picture of a small bridge, flowing water and somebody else in the poem area of inside. It brings people a peaceful and elegant feeling.. The summer heat is bitter in July, and the pressure of the blazing sun in inside during the day will disappear in this song.. (责任编辑:admin)




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