Poetry about Spring

时间: 作者:按七

   Poetry about Spring 1

   Yong Liu (He Zhizhang)

   Jasper makeup into a tree high,

   Hung with myriad silk braids of green..

   I don't know who cut the fine leaves.

   The snipping wind of early spring.

   Poetry about Spring 2

   Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night (Du Fu)

   Season of Good Rain, Spring Happens.

   The wind dived into the night and moistened everything silently..

   The wild path was dark with clouds, and the river boat was ablaze with fire..

   Xiao see red wet place, flowers heavy Jin Guan city.

   Poetry about Spring 3

   Bird Singing Stream (Wang Wei)

   People idle sweet osmanthus falls, night static spring mountain empty.

   When the moon comes out, it startles the mountain birds, and when it sings in the spring stream..

   Poetry about Spring 4

   Qingming Festival (Du Mu)

   Rain in During The Tomb-Sweeping Festival, Pedestrians on the Road Desire to Die.

   Excuse me, where is the restaurant? The shepherd boy pointed to Xinhua Village..

   Poetry about Spring 5

   Peach Blossoms in Dalin Temple (Bai Juyi)

   In April, when Fang fei is exhausted, peach blossoms begin to bloom in Shansi..

   I don't know where to turn when I hate spring return..

   Poetry about Spring 6

   Late Spring (Han Yu)

   The grass tree knows spring will soon return.

   All kinds of red and purple fights against Fang fei,

   Yang Hua and Ulmaceae have no talent.

   Drifting, thinking they have created a vast snowy day.

   Poetry about Spring 7

   In early spring, it was presented to member Zhang 18 of the Ministry of water affairs (Han Yu)

   The sky street is wet and crisp.

   New grass, visible from afar, vanishing when near.. (责任编辑:admin)




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