Remembering lovesickness, tenderness of the bottom of my hea

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   Qing Qing zi Jin, leisurely in my heart, longitudinal I don't go, son would rather not si yin. Qingqing Zipei, I think leisurely, if I don't go, Zining won't come.. Cook a bowl of acacia red beans, 金洋娱乐注册 taste a bitter care, send a lingering miss, warm a fleeting memory in your heart, fragrant Tanto Tiempo in the future.


   The so-called Iraqi, In the water side. Who cares in my heart, where are you now? 3,000 lovers have become white hair. Whose fingertip did the fireworks fall on?? The sky is grey and the rain is boundless. After all, Fermentation starter and Te vas? can't stop talking about love and hatred..

   The mood of missing is very urgent. I miss your gentleness in inside during the long years of my life. It is full of emotion. My two hearts are interwoven to provoke lovesickness. However, the lovers are still thousands of miles apart. You see your lovesickness in the desert. The Iraqis are looking forward to your return at the end of the Yangtze River..

   I would like to use the love of three generations in exchange for not being separated from you in this life.. The infatuated world of mortals is for you alone, while the infatuated world of mortals is for you alone.. This situation, you know? This heart, you can understand? The feeling is long and continuous, and the heart is spreading. I hope you can meet me one day. I hope you can understand me one day.. However, the feeling went out. Time did not treat me well. This feeling will never end in a long time..

   One thought of lovesickness, one thought of emotion, one fell in love with bitterness, endless thoughts and thoughts, endless Te vas? and other feelings.. Time is no longer, you and I are no longer, I am looking for your shadow in the fleeting Memento inside, and I am silently remembering you in inside, Strom.

   For you, I can always find a thousand reasons not to forget. For love, I can also find thousands of excuses to recall. Good love is like Ut Pictura Poesis. It makes people infatuated.. Meet you, is heartache The Student/L' étudiante, I am willing to spend all the luck in this life with you. If there were an afterlife, I would still choose inside, the best time, to meet the most beautiful you among millions of people.. (责任编辑:admin)




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