Six topics are not allowed in business contacts.

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   Six topics are not allowed in business contacts.

   1. Countries and governments cannot be criticized;

   2, cannot involve state and industry secrets;

   3, cannot be involved in each other's internal affairs;

   4, can't speak ill of leaders, colleagues, peers behind their 金洋娱乐注册 backs (to say right and wrong, must be right and wrong).

   5, can't talk about the problem of style is not high, we are all modern people, must have the tutelage.

   6, does not involve personal problems, care about people should be moderate, care too much is a kind of damage. Professional lectures, private questions five don't ask: first, don't ask income; Second, regardless of age; Third, don't ask about marriage and family. The fourth is to ask no questions about health. Fifth, don't ask about experience. For example, marriage and family problems, because every family has a difficult path to read; There are two kinds of people who don't ask about age. One is people who are nearing retirement, and the other is Office Lady's age.. Business people don't talk about health. Who gives me a loan when my boss has cancer?? Experience can't be asked. Heroes don't ask where they came from. The emphasis is on the present. You are a university. People don't have to be a university.. Why not discuss income? Income is related to personal ability and enterprise benefits. Talking about it requires comparison. Pain comes from comparison.. Friends can ask, outsiders cannot ask.





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