Mourning Mr. Xia Gaizun

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   I moved from the outskirts of Chongqing to the city and waited for a boat to return to Shanghai.. Just moved to, received the news of the death of teacher Xia Gaizun.. I remember three years ago, when I moved to Chongqing from Zunyi, I received a telegram from Master Hongyi when I left.. The last news of my beloved two teachers came when I was busy traveling.. I think this accident is very strange to me.. Because the two teachers are equally respectable and lovely, in former years once gave me the same valuable teachings. Now the bad news is like giving me the same final instruction.. This makes me feel particularly sad and alert..

   I have long been convinced that Mr. Xia will die, just as I am convinced that anyone will die.. But it is not expected that this speed. After eight years of disobedience, I am going to see you again soon, but I will not see you again at last.! It's really a matter of fact. What is it?!

   I still remember that in the autumn of 26 years, during the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, I returned to Hangzhou from Nanjing and got off at Shanghai on the way to Wuzhou Road to see Mr. Xia.. Mr. Zhang's face was sad, he said a word and sighed.. Because I want to take the night train back to Hangzhou, I bid farewell in a hurry.. I said, "goodbye, Mr. Xia. "Mr. Xia replied angrily as if to scold me:" I don't know if I can see you again! "At the same time, with a concentrated eye, standing at the door watching me. I looked back and smiled at him.. Because Mr. Xia is always sad, and I always laugh at how sad he is.. I'm sure this is our last flour. Indeed, this farewell "cannot be seen again."!

   Later, I helped the old and carried the young with me and rushed out in a panic to travel to Changsha, Guilin, Yishan, Zunyi and Chongqing.. Mr. Xia always lives in Shanghai. At the beginning of the year, communication was still frequent.. Since Mr. Xia was captured and imprisoned by the enemy once, I dare not write to him so as not to involve him.. As soon as victory arrived, I wrote him a long letter.. I'm glad to see that his handwriting for answering letters is still vigorous, tall and graceful.. Word is the symbol of spirit, which proves that Mr. Xia's spirit is still the same.. At that time, I thought I could see you again soon. However, the traffic and life became increasingly difficult, which prevented me from returning early. Today, eight and a half months after the victory, I finally received his bad news in this mountain city of reside as a visitor, which can also be said to be a "feel sorry for life" incident.! (责任编辑:admin)




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