Priceless love _2

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   I seldom have free time on weekends. I took my daughter to the streets and bought her many snacks, toys and school supplies..

   The daughter suddenly 金洋平台 said she wanted to eat roast duck.. I randomly found a roast duck restaurant: "how much is the roast duck per kilo, please?"? "The woman selling roast duck replied," 12 yuan. "In my mind, inside quickly flashed across the scene of his wife haggling over the price of vegetables and asked," 10 yuan, do you sell them? "? "The woman looked at me and then at her daughter, who was staring straight at the roast duck. She said," Yes, you can choose one. ". "

   I don't know how much a kilo of roast duck is reasonable, but the first feeling at that time was that the price was too high and I was "slaughtered.". Alas, who told me not to ask several stores more? I have forgotten the meaning of the words "shop to shop" and at the very least I will not suffer a loss in price.. But now that I have spoken, I bought a roast duck..

   When I got home, I told my wife about it, and she was immediately surprised and said, "Roast duck weighs a kilo in 10 yuan."? It's too cheap.. There must be something wrong with this roast duck. It is mostly made of sick ducks and must not be eaten.. "

   A good roast duck is just around the corner but can't be eaten.? I like to find out what I do. I came to the roast duck restaurant again and asked the aunt, "how much is the roast duck per kilo, please?"? "

   "12 yuan. "

   "10 yuan can't sell? "

   "My goods don't bargain. "

   I was sure there was something wrong with the roast duck I just bought, so I said, "But why did you sell me a kilo of 10 yuan just now?"? "

   Hearing this, the woman looked up at me carefully. then she looked up at the ceiling with her head tilted back, trying to remember. then she said lightly, "you are the one who brought the little girl to buy roast duck? You can't get the price of 10 yuan anywhere in the city.. It doesn't matter if you run. The child is still young and follows you around. With so many things in your hand, inside can't walk behind her back. How poor the child is!. " (责任编辑:admin)




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