How do we provide for the aged tomorrow(3)

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   However, since the implementation of family planning, the strong family planning policy and the impenetrable family planning measures have effectively restricted the birth of the population. There are fewer and fewer children and more and more old people. The inverted pyramid family with several old people and one child has become widespread in the society. While making great sacrifices for the country and making great contributions to the social and economic development, the family has to face such an embarrassing and sad situation. When the old people need their own help, one person is faced with a group of old people who are overwhelmed, overwhelmed or even unable to do so..

   Of course, simply having more children is not a good way to solve the problem 金洋注册 either. It is following the old path of the past and reversing the course of history. We must take a good path that suits China's national conditions and conforms to social development.. Starting from the two aspects of system and policy, strengthen the system construction, perfect and perfect the old-age care system, form a complete old-age care system, and effectively improve the treatment of the elderly; Strengthening the construction of social pension institutions, actively guiding the society into the field of pension, promoting convenient and comfortable community pension, lowering the service threshold, expanding service energy storage, improving service quality, and achieving a multi-pronged approach of the state, society and family, it is possible to achieve a sense of security for To Elderly With Love and the elderly.. American Literature Reading Network

   Author: Gao Rentao





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