How do we provide for the aged tomorrow(2)

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   Over the past few years, under the strong publicity and advocacy of the society, the deep-rooted concept of "raising children and preventing old age" once entrenched in the hearts of the Chinese people has become somewhat loose, and even too many people like me scoff at it. they think this statement is too superstitious, too one-sided and too outdated and ridiculous.. I have said more than once myself that it is really not possible. I will go to the nursing home when I get old. many people around me also agree with this point of view and say with laughter that everyone should live together to play cards well.. This is a welcome change, which shows that the concept of providing for the aged is quietly changing in our generation. Just when everyone is optimistic that the way of providing for the aged will undergo a qualitative change, however, the imperfect old-age insurance system, the overstretched social old-age system and the urgently needed facilities for the aged have shattered our wishful thinking and almost naive ideas, forcing us to stop thinking and seriously and carefully consider the problem of providing for the aged.. MENWEN. COM. Cn

   There is an old man from a young age and an old man from a young age. This is the trajectory of life and a natural law. In the end, no one can escape from the old age. It is inconvenient to move, slow in behavior and slow in mind. There are also occasional headache, fever, backache, and even many unexpected things happen at any time. Facing the surging tide of the elderly, how to provide for the aged and who to rely on for the aged have become the problems that have to be confronted with..

   The Chinese people have a strong family concept, caring for the elderly is a fine tradition, and supporting the elderly is a traditional virtue. China is also a country that attaches great importance to family atmosphere. Loving Father,Faithful Son, where children lap around the knee and enjoy the happy family reunion.. Therefore, whether in the city or in the countryside, the family pension mode, which has been passed down for thousands of years and depends on children, is still the most important pension mode for Chinese people at present or for a long time to come.. (责任编辑:admin)




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