How do we provide for the aged tomorrow

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   Since the Year of the Goat, my mother has been plunged into endless busy and unspeakable grief. My 84-year-old grandmother, who was ill in bed at the age of 84, was unable to use her left side of her body and was hemiplegic. It was really a leak in the house. It was even raining at night. Grandma, who was able to eat on her own, was unable to move and had to rely on others.. In fact, Grandma has been ill for more than six years. In inside for these six years, almost every day, my mother rode a tricycle between our village and Grandma's village. My mother had no sisters and only one younger brother. After Grandma's illness worsened, the two did not dodge. They had to stay by Grandma's side day and night, black and white, in case of accidents. Their hard work was self-evident.

   Old-age care is a worldwide problem, and China is no exception. With the development of society and the improvement of medical conditions, people's life expectancy is getting longer and longer, and the proportion of the elderly population is getting larger and larger. With the process of modernization and the pace of aging in modern western countries, our country is moving towards old age at an incredible speed. Old-age care has become a problem that everyone has to face..

   For a long time, the state has been constantly exploring and unremittingly reforming many aspects such as pension policies, pension modes and pension measures, implementing universal pension insurance, increasing the construction of nursing homes, and implementing social pension, etc., in order to relieve the increasingly severe pension problem by these means. Although various efforts have achieved certain results, the effect is not obvious.. There is no denying the fact that the national old-age insurance shows the welfare of the country and reflects the country's people-oriented feelings for the people. However, the rural old-age pension is only a drop in the bucket. It is good to have no thirst, no disease and no disaster. However, in many cases, the basic living conditions of too many elderly people are difficult to satisfy, not to mention those high-cost nursing homes in Daycare center. They do not have the ability to pay the high fees. Moreover, they do not have such thoughts and thoughts as going to nursing homes.. Compared with the rural population, the urban population's pension problem is much better than that of the rural population because of the relatively perfect security measures such as pension and pension insurance. However, we can always hear from time to time the news that the elderly with mobility difficulties were discovered long after they died at home, and also the occurrence of the elder abuse by the nursing home staff. These sad and sad news hit our mood coldly and made our sour nerves tense again and again.. (责任编辑:admin)




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