Learn to let go and take it easy.(3)

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   Teachers are just a profession. Apart from preaching, giving lessons, and solving doubts, they can fully enjoy Live Out Your Own Personality and charm.! Don't make candles any more. If you burn them, you won't be able to light up much. We need to make electric lights to illuminate others without damaging ourselves, and the switch is in our own hands.!

   One day, Buddha passed through a village, and some people made obscene remarks to him.. Buddha listened quietly for a moment, then said, "Thank you, I have to go to the next village today.". "One of them felt incredible after hearing this and said:" Didn't you hear us scold you? Buddha: "I will not be controlled by other people's mouths, nor will I react to other people's emotions.". I am the master of emotion, not the slave of emotion.. "@ Kang Zufa





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