Learn to let go and take it easy.

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   Learn to let go and take it easy.

   After the Double Ninth Festival when flowers bloom, people are as pale as chrysanthemums. In the autumn of eyebrow eye, the lush green of summer and the scattered petals, together with bit by bit, are sandwiched between the pages of inside's book. They keep a pool of water, wash the autumn white, see the frost on the skirt of autumn, appreciate the quiet beauty of autumn leaves. In fact, a steady and steady life is just a simple repetition on an ordinary day in inside..

   When listening to a song, I will think of a word, a person, a time like brocade.. Love is like this. In a certain period of time, when inside met someone, there was a slight sweetness jumping on the tip of his tongue with a certain word.. There are also some faint acidity in my heart.. In the Name of Love, miss a period of time, miss a person.

   I believe there are good people in the world, but I must guard against bad people. Believe that you are strong, but don't refuse tears. Believe that money can bring happiness, but don't spend your whole life. Believe in sincerity, but don't accuse hypocrisy. Believe in success, but don't avoid failure. Don't blame who, don't laugh at who, also don't envy who, bright sunshine, running in the wind and rain, do your own dream, go your own way.

   Life is a Obrigado. Happiness is a state of consciousness. If you don't have the courage to face the reality in your heart, choosing which road will be a torture to you.. Because reality will tell you the answer: the real question is not which road you choose, but which road you choose, and others will choose you..

   Most of the time, if you reverse your perspective, you will find a completely new world.. Enjoy life, love a strong oneself, a person's maturity or not, not words flow from the mouth as from the pen of a master, say many profound truth, or is the ideological level reached a high level. It's that people are comfortable and humble, that they keep their edges and corners, and that they have the roundness to accept others and live.. (责任编辑:admin)




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