Cherish Trees (1)

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   Comrade Qiao mu has been away from us for more than a year.. I have tried many times to write something I miss, but all failed. Is it because I have no deep feelings and miss this young friend?? No, no, by no means. It is precisely because I miss my true feelings that I dare not write for fear of desecrating this feeling of remembrance.. Today, sadly ponder has gradually given way to nostalgia. It is time to start writing.

   I know arbor in Tsinghua University. At that time, I was less than 20 years old. He was one year younger and younger.. I study foreign languages and he studies history.. How on earth did we know each other is now beyond our recollection.. Anyway, we met. At that time, he was engaged in underground activities against the Kuomintang (later he told me that he was not a party member at that time). He set up a night school for the children of workmates and asked me to attend classes.. I did attend the class, too, in the tall building with the "Tsinghua School" embedded outside the door.. One night, he sat on my bedside in the dark and advised me to take part in revolutionary activities.. Although I hated the Kuomintang, I was low in consciousness and afraid of taking risks.. So, despite his well-intentioned and repeated persuasion, I this piece of stone leng don't nod. I seem to see his eyes shining in the darkness.. At last, he sighed and left my room.. In the morning, in our washbasin inside in the washroom, we can often find revolutionary leaflets printed by hand.. We all know in our hearts where this came from, but no one reported it to the school leaders.. From then on, everything was fine until a year or two later, arbor fled to the south to escape the persecution of the Kuomintang..

   Since then, I have been teaching for a year after graduation in Tsinghua. I went to Germany with another arbor (Qiao Guanhua, later "South Arbor" and Hu Qiaomu "North Arbor") and stayed there for ten years.. At this time, arbor had already arrived in Yan' an and began his well-known career.. We walked two roads completely, as if we were separated by the sky, "after tomorrow-who can say?". (责任编辑:admin)




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