About 400 Words of YuLai Little Hero's Reading Comments

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   Fan wenyi

   I read an article, this is a scary story, the main content of the story is this: in the northern Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei border region, there is a child named Yu lai, he is good at swimming, so he often plays with his friends in the river beside the village.. One day, my father told my mother that the devils had come to "mop up". when the rain came to hear this, what else would I like to say, but my father had already left. The next day, my mother went out and the rain came to read his book on the kang. he heard someone running in the street and got out of bed. as soon as he stepped over the threshold, he was hitting uncle Li's arms. then he heard the Japanese shouting. Uncle Li moved the jar away and said to the rain, "Move the jar back to its original place, and you will go to another courtyard without telling anyone.". The rain took out the strength to suck the milk before moving the jar back to its original place..

   As soon as the rain came to the main room, the devils saw him. He started to run to the back yard, but he was finally caught by the devils.. The devils searched the front courtyard and the back courtyard and the house, but still could not find them. Even though they used "sugar-coated cannonball" and "severe beating", they still did not say anything when the rain came. As a result, the devils stormed with anger and shouted, "Shoot!"! Shoot! Pull out! "read here, my heart is pulled together, rain so dead? The villagers heard several rounds of gunfire and all thought the rain was coming to death. They began to cry. They all looked down the river bank. When the rain did not come to death, they cried happily.. After reading this article, I firmly believe that I must be as strong, resourceful and brave as rain..

   Fan Wen 2

   Everyone has seen many stories of young heroes? Next, let me introduce a young anti-Japanese hero to you. He is YuLai Little Hero. After reading the book YuLai Little Hero, I was deeply moved by the plot in the story . (责任编辑:admin)




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