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   Zheng Zhenduo

   If you come to Peiping in spring, your first impression may be very unpleasant.. When you got off the train from East front door Station or West Station, got out of the station gate, and set foot on the gray and black land of Peiping, a gust of wind blew and forced you to step back a few steps. The wind picked up a cloud of sand. If you are not careful, you will lose your eyes and feel uncomfortable. And his mouth blew in a few grains of fine sand between his teeth salazar. Calm and quiet. At present, a layer of yellow-gray sand is immediately deposited on the seam of eyes, black jacket or suit jacket.. When you get home or go to a hotel, you have to wash it carefully before you feel refreshed..

   "This place! So windy, so much dust! "You may be very unhappy curse said.

   The wind is blowing hard all day and all night, the lead of the stove and the windows of the paper are banging against each other, which will keep you awake in the middle of the night.. The next morning, when you opened your eyes, oh, the windows were full of golden color, you were very happy and thought it was sunshine, so you will have a pleasant tour today.. However, the wind is still roaring like a tiger. Wipe your eyes and sit on the bed, you will immediately regret. The one in Chengcheng Huang who mistook it for sunlight is the yellow sand blowing all over the sky.! The wind has not yet stopped howling.. You may regret coming here..

   But in the afternoon, or on the third day, the wind gradually calmed down.. The sunlight is really yellow and bright on the wall, basking in the window inside. The warm and peaceful atmosphere will immediately encourage you to run outside.. Birds are chirping in small pieces, mostly small sparrows.. -As it happens, there is a apricot flower or peach blossom in the yard in inside, which is holding the bracts. The thick red ones will not be released.. The leaves of jujube trees are striving to rise out of the branches.. There are so many jujube trees in Peiping that almost every courtyard in inside has one or two. The soft branches of willow trees have already revealed their tender yellow color.. Only on the huge elm trees. However, it is still a dark bald branch and there is no news of spring at all.. (责任编辑:admin)




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