Looking for the red leaves on that mountain

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   This is a strange day along the southeast coast. It has been more than a month since the Lunar New Year Festival "First Frost" and "Lidong" and "Light Snow" have long since disappeared. Soon the "Heavy Snow" Festival will come again, still warm.. The beautiful scenery of red maple that I had hoped for "seeing all the mountains red and all the forests dyed ." has not appeared so far. Is it necessary to reproduce the scene of Li Shangyin's poem "when the autumn is overcast, the frost flies late and the lotus leaves the sound of listen to the rain"?

   Because before, I have been paying attention to the information about "red maple". The "red maple" information obtained from all kinds of information channels is extremely beautiful and wonderful-maple trees are full of hillsides, frosted maple leaves are red, light wind and white clouds float, and thousands of miles send tender feelings..

   My friend once told me that in the remote mountains of inside on the southeast coast, the mountains are high and the forests are dense. The ancients climbed mountains and mountains, transported grain, salt and herbs. After a long period of time, they naturally stepped out of the winding path to identify the path for themselves or future generations. They planted maple strips along the way. Over time, the maple strips gradually grew into big trees and even old trees.. These ancient maple trees are luxuriant in branches and leaves. In spring, they are dressed in lush green clothes. When people walk under the trees, the fragrance they emit is mixed with the fragrance of "thousands of trees and ten thousand trees" such as conifers, metasequoia, bamboo, Xiao Bai Yang and cuckoo in the mountains, as well as the smell of grass spreading over the mountains, which is refreshing. Every summer, its branches and leaves stretch to the limit, appearing very strong. Under the pedestrian tree, it can not only shade the sun but also shelter from rain. In autumn and cold autumn, when First Frost came, the thick green leaves were suddenly dyed red after the frost beat. The ancient sugarbush was covered with red makeup overnight, especially enchanting. After winter, I took off my red makeup and changed into gold. Looking at the ancient road in sugarbush from a distance, I felt like a long golden line lying halfway up the mountain, waiting for the end, giving people a shock.. (责任编辑:admin)




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