Love is like a flash in the pan, Between Two Women

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   Smoke-laden sitting on a wooden bridge, feet up and down stir the water waves rippling circles, under the shadow of the moonlight, the whole people have a kind of ethereal if fairy temperament.

   Mr. Murong Lingyun stood by the willow and looked at it. His impetuous heart slowly calmed down.. He paced up and down, leaning against the bridge railing, but could not bear to break the picture scroll of silence and sound..

   Slightly hectares, really unbearable curiosity in the heart, then asked, "girl, a person in the park, not afraid? "

   Smoke-laden put on his shoes, stood up and said softly, "Not afraid. "

   Murong Lingyun is crazy. In a long dress, 3,000 Timecapsule sways gently with the wind. His facial features are small and unique, just like fairies.. At a glance for ten thousand years, these four words came to his mind unconsciously in inside. Smoke-laden has become accustomed to such eyes, the only difference is that his eyes inside only pure appreciation.

   "My fair lady, in the mae of the water, movement fitting for, see don't forget. "Murong lingyun said this sentence without thinking.

   "exquisite childe, leaning on the top of the bridge, dementia coexist, Kan shameless. "Smoke may see him more pleasing to the eye, said a few words more than before.

   "Ha ha, the gentleman lewd not for color. Meeting is predestined friends, can we walk together? "Murong lingyun made an invitation gesture.

   Smoke didn't speak, straight forward, Mr. Murong lingyun followed, said, tonight's stars are beautiful, naughty blinked, must be to say hello to us.

   He took a deep breath and shouted into the air, stars, we are very good, you are also good!

   "You seem very comfortable? Then I'm tired, you carry me. "smoke-laden inclined the corners of the mouth and said.

   "Ah, back to you? This, this, this . "

   "why? Don't move your back? "

   "How is it possible, ten you and I are back to move. "Murong lingyun quickly walked to the front of the smoke-laden, bent down, smoke-laden smiled and jumped to murong lingyun's back. (责任编辑:admin)




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