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   severe winter. The room was deserted, and I was alone.. After lunch, the gloomy sky was filled with snowy flowers.. The indoor heating does not increase with the change of temperature, so I seem to feel a little cold.. Fortunately, today is Sunday and I don't have to go to work, while my husband drives to the east mine branch on duty in the morning..

   Suddenly, the ringing of short messages broke the silence of the study..

   What do I do? The younger brother who was with me on the Internet in exceedingly sentimental and haunted my dreams and never met unexpectedly took a chill and suddenly came to see me.! He said in a text message that he had got on and off the bus in the square of the city department store because he did not know my sister's detailed address and asked me to meet him..

   I sat in front of the computer desk, the hands holding the mobile phone seemed to be shaking, and the feelings of infinite gratitude, excitement, excitement and contradiction were surging forward.. My nose was sour and my eye socket was hot. Then, two lines of tears ran down my cheeks uncontrollably.. In my heart of hearts, the long-hidden and stirring meeting with Desire has always inspired me and made me eager to try.. I am eager to see my younger brother.! However, while I was pleasantly surprised, I felt overwhelmed, lacking courage and difficult to adapt to this sudden "attack" visit.. Because I am the only one in the family. My younger brother and I have been in love online for more than a year. He already knows that every Sunday my husband has to go to the office to perform 24-hour duty.. Why did he choose to come to see me on this day?? A pair of elder sisters and younger brothers who fell in love with each other online, once they entered my family, what kind of meeting story would they deduce??

   I stared at the writing of the text message, thinking about it, hesitating and making up my mind for a long time.. Whether to go or not?

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