Reading Notes on Childhood Steamed Bread: 400 Words

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  [Chapter One]

   Pingwa had a very difficult childhood.. The poor jingle of her family. Niang brought her up with her sister and took a lot of time.. Every day, the two sisters get up early and work hard for school and life..

   On one occasion, in order to celebrate the "June 1st", Pingwa's school handed out three steamed buns to each student.. Pingwa told the story to her mother and sister, who were all very happy.. On June 1st, Pingwa received three big steamed buns and was walking home.. She looked at the steamed bread in her hand and gulped down the saliva again, making her stomach growl with hunger.. So, she ate her steamed bread first.. After three or two times, she swallowed the steamed bread, but did not taste it at all. She had to eat the mother's one, leaving only one for her sister.. But then, saliva and stomach Stock Trick again. No way out! In desperation, Pingwa had to eat her sister's steamed bread as well..

   When she got home, Pingwa just looked at the empty lotus leaf bag in her hand, even the steamed bread crumbs were gone.. She didn't know how to get into the house or escape her sister's eyes..

   Just stand between, with two ya Niang courtyard to visit. Also boast two ya hungry brought back the three steamed bread. Niang also opened the lid with a smile. inside miraculously steamed five steamed buns. In the evening, Niang shared steamed bread between Pingwa and her sister.. Sister wolfed down to eat, but Pingwa cried with a "wow". "Eat, Pingwa," said Niang lightly.. Isn't it just a few steamed buns?! "Pingwa listened, the in the mind have a little comfort.

   Later, she discovered that on that day, her childhood was over..

  [Chapter 2]

   Childhood is a necessary time for everyone. Every day of my childhood is so happy. However, today I read the article "Steamed Bread of Childhood", which gives me different feelings..

   This is an article from "Readers". It tells us that the author and 金洋注册 his sister lived in a very poor family in their childhood. The whole family lived frugally for the author to go to school and sometimes could not even eat food.. One year on June 1, the school celebrated the festival and gave each child three steamed buns. The author was very happy and thought to himself: I am one, my mother is one, and my sister is one.. On the way home, the author's stomach was growling and he couldn't help eating his own, and then he couldn't help eating his mother's and sister's too. when he got home, the author didn't know how to face his sister's expectant eyes. he was very ashamed. but my mother steamed a pot of steamed bread and relieved him. The author ate steamed bread but cried with guilt.. From that day on, the author grew up. (责任编辑:admin)




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