Close-fitting feeling: Is it wrong for me to love like this

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   Is it wrong for me to love like this?

   One day, I felt sad for no reason. On a day when I could not speak on the phone, inside gave him a call..

   Before he could speak, he choked up and asked me, "Did you crash?"? Scold the boss? Is it uncomfortable? "

   Oh, not at all.

   "Just want to Iko Iko your voice! "

   "then why are you crying? "

   "After hearing your voice, very touched, so I can't help crying! "

   I am actually a very Scared to Be Lonely person, and who is not afraid of loneliness??

   Positive love theorists say that love should not be loved because of Scared to Be Lonely, loneliness and fear of being isolated..

   However, if there is such a person that you no longer feel lonely, lonely or isolated, why not love?

   Even my friend have a retinue before and behind, if there is no one who loves him, he will only be lonelier..

   Positive love theorists also said that we should love to give love, not to love to get love..

  金洋注册 However, if there is such a person who makes you eager to get his love, why can't you love him??

   What a brilliant love, one day, we should be down-to-earth, why set the standard too high? What's wrong with loving a person who can make you no longer lonely because of Scared to Be Lonely, and loving him because you want his love??





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