A perfect day _3

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   This morning I felt particularly cool..

   My scapulohumeral periarthritis has been with me for nearly five years. When I wake up every morning, my first feeling is a dull pain in my left arm, but today, I feel nothing at all..

   Outside the window, the sky was extremely blue..

   The breeze came in with the fragrance of sweet osmanthus..

   My The Pillow is missing.

   It turned out that she was cooking breakfast for me..

   After getting married, I told my wife: "Margaret Thatcher, who is the British prime minister, cooks breakfast for her husband every morning, and you should do the same.". "

   My wife rebuffed, saying, "Sleeping in in the morning is a sacred human right. You have to take care of yourself for breakfast.". But if you become British Prime Minister, I am willing to cook breakfast for you every day.. "What is this logic?

   Today, she uncharacteristically asked me, "Husband, do you want scrambled eggs or poached eggs?"? "Work, I still secretly reading the newspaper, the hateful section chief came in to see me reading the newspaper, unexpectedly didn't say a word of criticism, also talked with me.

   Business report, as usual, I That's bullitr, section chief listened to, incredibly doesn't matter, but all my colleagues were he scold dog blood spray head.

   During lunch, something even more strange happened. Other people's dishes were all cooked in the same big pot, but I had a plate of Twice-cooked pork. The taste was completely to my liking. How could it be so clever??

   I couldn't help it, just next door Lao Wang was my bosom friend, so I asked him, "Dude, what's going on?"? Why did everything go smoothly for me today?? "Lao Wang asked me:" you really don't know? ""I really don't know. ""do you want to know the truth? ""of course. ""then tell you, you are dead. You should know that only the dead have such perfect days.. "I protested loudly:" your nonsense, your nonsense, I live well. " (责任编辑:admin)




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