If you are alive, you must continue to walk on.

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   The firmament is deep, causing countless philosophers to ponder. Life is ethereal but real. There is a reason why one has to toss about while one is alive.. Only see how you toss, toss well, can become Buddha ancestors, toss is broken, is daoshanhuohai. Everyone lives in the sun, has his own 金洋娱乐注册 position, has his own unique way of life, can find a holy land for his soul in ANTU, and has a beautiful scenery flashing out of his life.. If a person, like a turtle, shrinks his head and dreams for a long time, once or twice occasionally, it will certainly not hurt. I'm afraid that one dream of death will not wake him up. What's the difference between living 100 years and one day like this Plum blossom has its own charm and red apricot has its own beauty. You don't have to ignore other people's gossip.. Whether you are a beautiful ice sculpture or a white ice floe, as long as you stand in your own position and constantly display the rich connotation of your inner world, you can give the pale four week a beautiful appearance, poetic flavor to vulgar days and fresh air to dreary days.

   The magnificence of green pines, the natural and unrestrained willows and the beauty of green bamboos all show the glory of life on their respective lands.. There are countless heavy siege between people and life.. Some people saw the colorful bubbles in the outside world and tried to rush out, but in the end, what they saw was only a mirage.. It is more likely that you are in a hurry to catch up with the Nurzhol Boulevard in front of you and lose the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road and the flowers and birds singing.. Life is a process in which opportunities and challenges, advances and retreats, losses and benefits, wealth and poverty, wisdom and stupidity, honor and disgrace, strength and weakness, rigidity and softness, difficulty and ease, existence and absence, life and death, victory and defeat, all kinds of contradictions and conflicts converge and transform.. Life must learn to control oneself, not to be pleased with things. Never saddened by personnal losses., in the ocean of life, inside has always been sailing forward towards its established goals.. Everyone should regard each day as a self-creation and reflect himself honestly in this creation, and regard this day as an unrepeatable day and live a good day with an unrepeatable mood. If so, then you are a creator and a creator of life.. In fact, there are too many helplessness in life. After all, fame and wealth cannot be buried in a heap of wasteland.. Want to give up the blue sky, the vast sea, the delicate and charming flowers, but they have countless times in mind inside rising into a glittering golden light. No matter how brilliant the flowers are, without the presence of bees and butterflies, they will eventually disappear and turn into mud.. If there is no sunshine in life, the rain and dew will moisten it, and it will appear dim and gloomy.. (责任编辑:admin)




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