Keep a letter from Yizhen Qingfeng and sit alone in peace.

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   Tired of the neon-lit depoliticization, I have heard enough of the impetuous hustle and bustle of the world of mortals in the city and inside. In a quiet night, I fell in love with one side of the text and placed my heart in one word and one article. I am calm and serene..

   I have always liked High Mountains and Running Water, the clouds are light and the wind is light, and I have always liked the moon shining and the flowers blowing, tranquil and elegant..

   It is said that the meeting between people is predestined in a previous life. In some casual corner, I also wrote and copied with deep feeling.. Only for a silent meeting, only for a period of the United States as soon as possible in China. The world of mortals inside, we meet lightly, in the years, we only need to cherish each other deeply. This is the most beautiful thing..

   Editing a period of time, with infinite lovesickness affection, dizzy dye. There are many departures in life. How many Love Letters have you written?? I would like to use my three-year-old fireworks to give you a lifetime of confusion..

   In this life, I just want to feel amorous and watch this period of days go by. I will plant flowers and trees. When it is morning, I will quietly blossom my affection in my heart.. Looking back and wondering, I linger among them, only cherishing Puhoy, and the love will always be difficult to let go..

   When I am alone in front of the court, the wind blows my face and the grass stops. I feel amorous in the world of mortals and the passers-by are stupid.. Holding a wisp of yuehua, tasting a cup of tea, sitting and looking at the cool breeze and other gardens, the fallen leaves are spreading. The fallen leaves still have their long-cherished wish. They fly all over the sky, complaining for a long time. For example, the poem "vision 金洋娱乐 impact heart" has drawn a touch of sadness in my heart..

   I often imagine what it is like to have a quiet and peaceful life in these days.? Is it to display a blank sheet of plain paper and consider the rhythm of level and oblique tones, or is it to gather a roll of economy and read it silently under the candle?? Maybe, not at all. (责任编辑:admin)




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