The Top Ten Common Sayings of cheat people in Ancient Common

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   The Top Ten Common Sayings of cheat people in Ancient Common Sayings

   one. Wherever the exploiters and oppressors are the same.

   Crows in the world are generally black, claiming that a bamboo pole will kill a ship of people, leaving no one alive.. This is called "Halo Effect" in management. For example, when it comes to Northeastern people, someone immediately answers, "I know, Northeastern people are generous. "When it comes to Henan people, someone immediately answered," I know, Henan people love to cheat. When it comes to yue himself, someone immediately answered, "yue himself, there is not a good thing."! "Northeastern people are generous? Not necessarily! Do Henan people like to cheat others? Not necessarily! Are you all bad? Not necessarily. These are all influenced by the common saying "all crows in the world are generally black", which is a variant of the common saying.. The worst thing is that men, there is a saying "cats love to cheat and eat.". "This common saying is actually a replica of" crows are black all over the world. ". He advocated that all men in the world should be described as "cattle breeders". If you are not "cattle breeders", you must find an "old army doctor".

   2. Things will not be caused unilaterally.

   "One slap doesn't make a sound" is a product of the golden mean. It advocates playing 5.0 big boards each. No one can say that they suffer losses and no one can say that they take advantage of them.. During the period of college, the college stipulated that as long as there was a fight, once it was verified, it would be dealt with seriously immediately, regardless of which side was responsible, it would be punished.. This kind of school rule maker is seriously affected by the big saying "one slap cannot make a sound.". In fact, sometimes, one slap can make a loud sound, such as slapping The Wall, slapping the table and kowtowing-you don't have to slap the other one.. "One slap does not make a sound" is an expression of the arbitrator's incompetence. He cannot distinguish between reward and punishment. He can only muddle along, be a nice guy, and advocate to take a step back each other.. For example, in the above-mentioned school rules, if a classmate beats you, will he be passively waiting to be beaten?? It is still light to hit you. For example, the media has reported many times that 汇盛国际 XXX was robbed while walking in the street. Can you still handle the problem by "one slap can't make a sound"? "One slap doesn't make a sound" is actually protecting "bandits", attacking "the weak" and compromising with "evil forces".

   3. Flies do not bite seamless eggs.

   Flies do not bite seamless eggs is a powerful "theoretical basis" for spreading and accelerating rumors.. According to a report in the Western Business Daily on July 1 4., 2005, Yu and Ba are neighbors. In March of this year, the village of inside reportedly raped Yang. In the process of spreading rumors, neighbor Yu believed that "flies don't bite seamless eggs" and fanned the flames, saying that he must have done this shady thing and spread it everywhere.. In the end, I could not bear it any longer. I even cut off the head of Yu mou, a neighbor's woman, with a kitchen knife.. Look, this big saying "flies don't bite seamless eggs" can not only harm others, but also kill people who believe this sentence.. (

  4. Equality of opportunity

   "Everyone is equal before opportunity" is a powerful excuse, lie and tool for winners to cheat losers.. In front of opportunities, everyone cannot be equal.. What is opportunity? Opportunities are choices and rewards given to those who possess certain resources.. For example, in recruitment, a company advertises for a general manager and lists a number of requirements for the candidate.. If the position of general manager is regarded as an opportunity and the person who saw the news is regarded as "everyone in front of the opportunity", on the surface, everyone has the same opportunity, but in fact it is not equal opportunity at all.. For example, in terms of requirements: master's degree, most people will have no chance; Another request: after working in the same position for more than 8. years, some people turned around and left. Another requirement: if you have worked in the same industry for more than 5 years, I am afraid there are only a few left. Another requirement: age-how can such an opportunity be interpreted in terms of equality for all?? The son of a mayor and the son of an ordinary worker stand in front of the same opportunity. Can they be equal??

  5. People move, trees move to death.

   "People move and trees move and die" is a strong theoretical support point for the "job-hopping clan" to "encourage" themselves at present.. Some people begin to fantasize when they are slightly frustrated in a certain position..One of my cousins works as a teacher in a famous school in Changchun.. A few months ago, he called me and asked me to help him "get" him to Changchun Land Planning Bureau, which I refused.. He worked in the district propaganda department for several years before becoming a teacher.. The old saying that "people move and trees move and die" actually does not conform to the logical reasoning of modern society.. Living in a city, the trees on both sides of the street are moved and live well, so it is said that "trees may not die when moved"; Do people live on the move?? Not necessarily, I have seen many people jumping from unit to unit, and I have rarely seen "breakthroughs and improvements". On the contrary, I have seen many people working hard in their original posts and making some achievements. Therefore, it is not necessarily "living" for people to move.. If you work with the mentality of "not leaving me here but leaving me here", no matter where you go, it is very difficult to make some achievements.. (责任编辑:admin)




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