Memories of Wheat

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   In my hometown of Mount Wumeng, the wheat was collected in front of Grain Rain before planting the jade wheat.. If the harvest cannot be completed after Grain Rain, the festival order will be missed, and Corn will not be easy to grow and affect the harvest..

   After harvesting in August, Corn began planting wheat for the next season, which is different from the north.. The yellow wheat in June refers to the north.. Bai Juyi's "Watching Mow Wheat": "Tian Family has less free months and people are twice as busy in May.". At night, when the south wind blows, wheat is covered with yellow.. "also refers to the north.

   My memory is fresh. Every year in March, blue sky and white clouds, rural wheat fields, swaying in the wind and rolling wheat waves, stretch the charm of color heartily.. The jade-like green of Fresh Moisturizing has long evolved into golden yellow all over the ground, emitting faint wheat fragrance.. At this time, the school closed wheat harvest. In the villages, drums and gongs are played, and wheat fields in the wild are busy for men, women and children to harvest wheat.. To which village, is full of wheat harvest scene.

   Maidi, left me a lot of memories, the scenes, like old black and white movies, flashed in front of my eyes.

   I grew up in the countryside. I am familiar with every grass and tree in the countryside. I know how to plant and harvest grain.. When I was a child, I was very poor at that time. As long as I could fill my stomach, I was a gourmet, especially for wheat.. The attractive words: roasted wheat ears, wheat roller, fried noodles, fine dried noodles, steamed buns, flour lumps, and wheat rice. It is called a sweet smell. Even if I think about it today, my mouth will still water..

   When I was a child, I roasted wheat ears, which was the most appetizing.. I like baked food best.. At that time, I was in junior high school in the brigade. The school was on a hillside, surrounded by sloping fields of wheat, and the waves of wheat whirled around incessantly chatter in the wind.. When the green and yellow are in hand, the ears of wheat are getting richer and richer, and the grains of wheat are getting fuller and fuller. In the sun, they look like golden pieces of gold jumping.. At this time, the harvest is not yet possible, but it is the prime time to gather wheat ears and roast them for eating.. I remember that my deskmate was a female classmate. The teacher called her sister A-Hua, several years older than me.. She doesn't like reading and can't do her homework. She copies me during exams. She often misses classes.. After a short class, when the class was over, she came, called me to the back of the school and raised her hand at me.. Small stone, I baked it for you. I have already heard the smell of wheat and my mouth is full of saliva.. The paper bag inside she handed me was a handful of roasted wheat ears..

   I skipped classes and sneaked to wheat fields, looking for the ears with the largest and fuller heads. I tore them off one by one and brought them to you when my mother was not at home.. A-Hua mei smiled and said to me. At this time, I think her smiling face is more beautiful than the waves and bowls of flowers on the ridge of wheat fields. White inside is deeply red..

   I thought it was funny. I was studying in a two-year junior high school. I don't know how many times I have eaten the wheat she baked for me in the past two years.. What was even more unexpected was that when I returned home from college, she married a young man from our village family. According to the seniority of the man's family, she rose to two generations and became a person of my grandmother's rank.. Every time I see her, she seems very embarrassed..

   I like to eat roasted wheat ears, and I also like to eat wheat roller.. Whenever I think of Michael roller, there is a flood of saliva in my lips and teeth. Ripe and sun-dried wheat can never be made into wheat roller.. In other words, wheat that can be eaten by roasting wheat ears is suitable for making wheat roller.. I remember my mother cut the ears of wheat from the ground, washed them clean, put them into an iron pot, inside, and cooked them, sometimes steaming them with wood. When the temperature was about the same, he scooped it into a large basin of inside and carried it to the stone mill in the wing room of inside. He poured the cooked wheat grains on top of the stone mill and began to push with the mill.. In the sound of the stone mill in Fiddle-De-Dee, the above wheat grains fell between the two grinding fans from the hole in the middle of the stone mill. As the mother pushed the stone mill to rotate continuously, wheat roller fell quietly.. There is a circle of grinding trough under the stone mill, and roller falls into it.. Wheat roller is the size of small worms, with the attractive fragrance of wheat.. I already succumb to, reached into the grinding trough inside, grabbed a handful, put it in my mouth, and chewed heartily.. My mother saw that I was so satisfied. She looked happy all over her face. She kept telling me that my son should not worry, eat slowly and don't choke.. (责任编辑:admin)




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