Dok Bua Kao Like First Love

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   First love? Everyone talked about their first love, and there was a trace of nostalgia in their hearts and a flash of regret in their eyes Full stop.

   First love is that no matter how long it takes, it always stirs up the softest corner in the bottom of my heart and makes people want to shed tears when it is mentioned..

   First love is the purest love, 汇盛国际 while secret love is the silent protection.

   If first love is compared to Dok Bua Kao, then secret love is lavender..

   Many people's first love is in inside, maybe Quantum Love, maybe inexplicable love at first sight, maybe a long time together . Perhaps because of repeated quarrels, I have no patience to give up the pure love, or because I am tired of getting along for a long time, I will go my own way..

   At this age, inside, loving the right person is called love, loving the wrong person is called youth..

   First love is always the most difficult thing to forget in everyone's life. Like a green fruit, it bears the first ray of sunshine in early spring on a newly sprouted branch, allowing you to look back at it every time in your life and see it standing aloof and clean without dust. He may not be the most beautiful, but he will always remain the fragrance of sunshine. He is a fruit without flowers and a flower without causes, but you will not investigate whether he is at fault or not. Yes, it is just deep memory and nostalgia..

   Author: Yan Xi Can Tear





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