Please take me with you to elope.

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   Although love always makes 汇盛国际 people yearn for it, not all love can always be sweet and not all people can bear the pain, only hope that in the end, they can meet the person who makes them have no regrets and join hands to grow old together..

   Since I left Tang Ping, I have always wanted to calm myself down. I feel that inside is a little tired and I want to rest for a while.. I am not the kind of person who likes to rely on others, but I have always believed that breaking up with Tang Ping may be because I rely too much on my feelings, as if the world would overturn without each other.. After leaving him, I always try to return to my original life..

   In order to tidy up myself, I decided to take a trip, to appreciate the magnificence of the sea for the first time, and to find my favorite seashells on the beach.. Looking back on the love in the past, I shouldn't have all kinds of things. For example, I am too devoted to my feelings to spend less time with my friends. Sometimes I even have a messy life and no detailed plans because of my feelings.. Sometimes I think wildly because I don't feel safe, causing troubles to both sides.. Still too young, still need to grow up.

   Therefore, after returning to the old city, I chose a stable job, took care of my own life, went out with a smile every day, ran for an hour in the morning, and read a book almost once a week in order to reduce the time of thinking.. I call my old friends every week, but sometimes I feel sad, and I get drunk. Regularity has always been my favorite lifestyle.. But always feel what is missing.

   Momo said, you have to believe that god has arranged every struggle for us to have a purpose.. This is just the beginning..

   It was two years after I met old Xia, he became my colleague. I admit that I was really moved by this young man with a sunny smile, because he has the clean short hair I like and the ability to make people happy, but I always don't think this is love.. Because it is said that meeting someone you love makes you blush with nervousness, but I have no reaction..

   I am usually a person who likes to make friends. I like to play jokes on old Xia. sometimes I meet him on the way to work. I say he is haunted. He should be a person who doesn't like breakfast, a nosy person like me, and even offered to help him bring breakfast.. In fact, for me, it's just by the way.

   However, it seems to me that some things have undergone subtle changes since then.. He said it was not safe for a girl to go home at night. He happened to pass by my house and walked back with me.. A sensitive person like me is actually worried that old Xia likes me. I always give him all kinds of hints to show that I will not love him. For example, I told him that he is lucky to be my next male best friend.. He said he would not, he wanted to be my boyfriend.. I didn't expect him to be so direct..

   Momo said that people cannot give up owning because they are afraid of losing..

   I asked Old Xia why he liked me. He said I was like a blank sheet of paper. My heart felt sad. If he knew my once vigorous love story, would he still think I was a blank sheet of paper?. I told him, I am not a blank sheet of paper, now I am a sad girl, he said it doesn't matter, he guarded.

   Since old Xia showed that he liked me, I always seemed dizzy in the following time. every day when I went to work, I would find that old Xia would personally cook breakfast and send it to my door, then ac COMpany me to work. but I was still rational. at first, I was such a sweet way for girls. I didn't want to get hurt for the second time, so I always refused him.

   "I chase you not breaking the law. "

   "? "I always can't refuse him.

   He told me that he would always be within one meter of mine.. He will tell me that it doesn't matter whether I become his girlfriend or not, because love is a matter for two people. anyway, I like you and will be good to you..

   Later he took me to the lake and shouted, "I love you.".

   He also sang loudly, "I want to take you to elope and run to the farthest town."? "

   I was scared. It is true that I have only seen this kind of scene on TV. I was shocked. I was stunned at that time. I told him that I don't want to fall in love now. Please give me some time..

   He was always with me. Later, he texted me at night, telling me that he would send a warm text message every night. He said, Don't ask why, What I Like About You, is capricious.. I was moved to tears that day.. To tell the truth, when I was with Tang Ping, I would only giggle, be moved and not shed tears, be sad and not shed tears. I just cried when I broke up.. Because I am not a crying person.

   But there is always someone in front of whom you don't need to be strong..

   He told me, in fact, love is very simple..

   Just a few months later, he stayed with me all day, and I didn't accept him either. Suddenly one day he didn't send me a text message in the middle of the night. In fact, he was used to watching his text message sleep.. I don't know why I'm so worried because he is not online on qq and nobody answers his phone calls.. (责任编辑:admin)




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