Prosperity has come to an end, leaving only the empty city a

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   A rustling rain, wet the wind chimes in front of the window, pre-hospital planted a peach blossom, already desolate, cool the mood of the season. Indus, quietly waiting for the moment of falling, forgot your memory in the corner of the deep courtyard.. Zhu window inside, white shirt landing, red candle sending out faint light. Hazy, like bean candlelight, I stroke by stroke, tracing the past picture .

   All the stories will one day be made clear by the wine of the years. The book will be filled with sorrow and happiness, the heart will be touched, a cup of fragrant tea will be tasted, the beautiful love songs will be heard in my eyes, the youth and innocence hidden in the song inside will be touched, and the joy cherished by appropriateness will be joyous. It turns out that I was so fascinated by you.. Miss, flooding on the plain paper, scattered lingering memory, dip in a little ink fragrance.

   The world of mortals, the sun happened to warm the brow, first met your eyes will emit charming light, I will easily fall into your deep eyes inside, then cheeks slightly fever, lip Angle is hung gorgeous smile. You once said that you love me bright and sunny with the vitality of sunshine and fresh with the taste of flowers, so did I not. You are different, just like Wintersweet, which deceives frost and presses snow in the severe cold, with unique elegant demeanor, standing proudly in inside in the cold winter, supercilious, arrogant and impetuous, and you are so extraordinary and free from vulgarity.!

  [We met in early spring]

   Although it is far from Qian Shan, I never think you are virtual.. When I meet you, my soul will have sustenance, and Sandy's finger will have an object to talk to.. Sometimes playing tricks, often laughing, watching your dull face Zhan Yan because of me always makes you feel warm in my heart.. You said you would come to see me and hold my hand. Only once in this life is enough.. So you took the train all day and all night just to show me all the Sakuya Konohana in inside this season.. A Women for Two is delicate and charming, fresh and tender like agate, glittering and translucent. Late Sakura was shy, soft as silk and fragrant in clusters. Pear trees are as white as snow and elegant as Snowfall. They are beautiful and flawless.. Being in the most dreamy and poetic scenery of inside, you and I care for each other silently, and the voice of letting flowers bloom opens up a bosom that is tender in my heart.. The low brow is the emerald color in your eyes and the pure and ignorant joy.. You held my face in your hands and said to me, "July 7th, you know how lucky I am to be able to pass through The Green Youth. No one is as beautiful as you are in my eyes at this moment.". "I nestled in your arms, watching the sunset clouds fall over the mountain, you told me about your past, I suddenly felt a little more distressed, every time tears accompanied by setbacks, I can't bear to criticize your fragile, just hold you tightly, I want to tell you, whose past will have sorrow and joy and rain; I want to tell you that everything will pass. I want to tell you that I will walk with you in the future.. But the words to the mouth but couldn't say a word, only love dearly overflow heart. I swear silently in my heart: I can no longer replace your sad past, but I am willing to promise the future to accompany you through the next long years.. We still have a lot of time and a lot of road to go. In the days to come, I will always be waiting for you and will not be tired for long.!

  [Early Summer]

   Early in the morning, I was scented with May flowers.. I decided to go to your city to see the sea, and then you took me to walk on the sea covered with fine sand, with open arms, More Than Meets the Eye: The Joan Brock Story, and let my heart stretch under the sky.. At night, we took flashlights to shine the crabs out of the hole. Crowds of small crabs emerged from the scattered puddles in golol, but disappeared again. They were really sweet and charming.. I playfully splashed the cool sea water on your skirts, and you pretended to wrinkle up your brow. No matter how the earthly fireworks were smoked, there was always a burning warmth flowing.. You draw a heart in full bloom on the beach, and you say, "July 7th, you are my priceless world, and I will never give you up."! "Sea breeze mixed with salty taste blowing, I was wet eyes. How good is that time?! Holding hands, I quietly felt the warmth and abundance of May, the white clouds like cotton candy, and the cozy cold-caused ailment continuously warmed the flowery smile in the years of the world of mortals.. Without any decoration or superfluous decoration, only two clear and pure hearts, with the same affection as Qingfeng gyokuro, find a quiet corner between the green hills and waters, interpreting a gentle touch..

  [Late Autumn]

   I said that this season is the most beautiful, is to be able to see osmanthus falling all over the ground together.. You really took me there. With your head tilted back, you dozed under the osmanthus trees. a wisp of cool breeze swept through your mind. did it blow away your dream in the depths of the curtain?? The long hair hanging down in my ear has the smell of being infected by autumn and is intertwined with the fallen flowers all over the place.. You kissed my forehead and whispered softly in my ear: "July 7th, in winter, I will marry you and go home."! "Too many feelings in late autumn painting meaning inside became warm up. The world of mortals entanglements, you are the scenery I crave, I will all acacia and pen and ink engraved on a piece of paper fragrance, life aftertaste, do not let dust stained with fraction. (责任编辑:admin)




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