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   Writing is one of the secretarial jobs. This article is COMpiled by the American Literature Network to provide secretarial foundation for everyone. We welcome you to learn from it..

   The investigation report is a kind of practical?writing that is widely used and plays a great role in the work of government organs. Writing it well is an indispensable ability and basic skill for cadres at all levels and all kinds of government organs, especially leading cadres.. This is not only because more and more investigations and studies are paid more and more attention in the contemporary world, but also because investigation and studies are the basic requirement of dialectical materialism, the most basic working method and leadership system of our party and our country, the channel to contact the masses of the people, and the basis for us to make and implement decisions correctly.. In one993, comrade Jiang Zemin specifically talked about the issue of investigation and research. he pointed out: "it is our party's fine tradition to attach importance to investigation and research.". "Our Party led the people of the whole country out of a road of democratic revolution with Chinese characteristics in the past, and now it has stepped out of a road of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics. The most fundamental thing is to combine the basic principles of Marxism with the concrete reality of China, . The process of combination is always based on the premise of investigation and research.". He called on:" in order to seize the opportunity, deepen the reform, promote the rapid and sound economic development, ensure the scientific formulation and effective implementation of the party's decision-making under the new situation, and correctly solve the contradictions and problems in progress, all party comrades, especially leading cadres at all levels, must, under the guidance of comrade Deng Xiaoping's theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's basic line, go deep into the actual situation in all fields and carry out extensive investigations and studies.! "Until The report of the 15th National Congress also repeatedly stressed and written into the party constitution.

   Investigation and research is a scientific activity (process) that collects information, observes the situation and possess materials under certain conditions for certain purposes, and then identifies, screens, processes, analyzes and synthesizes them in order to obtain a correct understanding of objective things, guide the transformation of the objective world, solve problems, build the country and develop the society.. There are three main steps in the investigation and research work: one investigation, two studies and three reports.. The report is to write an investigation report. Without this step, the results of investigation and research cannot be transmitted and brought into play. However, without the first two steps, it is impossible to write the report. Therefore, when we talk about the writing of an investigation report, we should also include its basic investigation and research..

   (a) meaning, nature and role

  1. Meaning and nature

   The investigation report is a written report reflecting the information and conclusions obtained by the research institute.. Although this specific report is not a "official document", it is a basic style of serious Atsuzane, which is related to whether the work can be carried out realistically and whether it can achieve results.. Two generations of leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping both personally advocated investigation and research, and realized the combination of the basic principles of Marxism and China's specific reality. Among them, investigation reports such as "XX Peasant Movement Investigation Report" played an important intermediary role and have been confirmed by the history of revolutionary struggle.. During the period 汇盛国际 of socialist construction, it has also been proved correct to spend 90% of the time investigating and studying and 10% of the time making decisions.. In contemporary society, it is not only one of the bases for the party and state organs to make and implement important decisions in politics, economy, culture, education and society, but also widely used in enterprises and institutions, finance, finance, market, people's livelihood and other aspects ( Cn). It is no longer a handicraft operation and closed transmission, but a trend of socialization, networking and modernization of methods has emerged, gradually establishing a research network and providing it to the whole society.. The form of its release, except for some that are sent or even kept confidential in the form of official documents, is mainly transmitted in the form of daily official documents in the organ system, but it has also been published in a large number of newspapers and magazines or published in public, with the performance of news style and theoretical style..

   2. Effect

   The investigation report is the vehicle for carrying the results of the investigation and research, and is the bridge for its transformation into social benefits and social functions.. This basic function is manifested in the following five aspects. (责任编辑:admin)




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